Olivia & Will, owners Laura Jean Golightly & Fred Henry Golightly is a scam company. They took my money up to $1000.

I wanted to purchase a bed and they said that they have to wait on shipment from Vietnam. This happened in September of 2011. They say wait up to a month and half. I wait, no bed.

I ask for refund by phone and email, they say they will send it out immediately. It NEVER ARRIVES! I try to email and call them asking them where is my money and they will never respond back to me. They completely ignore me from here on out.

I even told them I would tell authorities, but they do not not care because they are heartless. They exploit their children/grandchildren all over their site, www.oliviaandwill.com and that is just shameful. I'm completely disgusted. Now I am in the process of filing a lawsuit against them to reclaim my money.

DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!! Please take this as a legit warning.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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